I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the Easter edition

Dear supermarkets,  It’s a struggle to see any shelves that are not displaying Easter goodies.  Surely you cannot expect to sell that quantity of Easter eggs by the end of this weekend?

Dear ironing board,  You look so much better now that you have a new cover.

Dear garden,  You are looking greener and greener with every day that passes.  The leaves appearing on the trees is one of my favourite times of the year – everything is looking fresh and clean.

Dear cyclist wearing dark clothes and with no lights on your bike,  I think we both had a narrow escape the other night when I turned out of a narrow side road into another fairly narrow road lined with parked cars. That was one moment where I thought I might have preferred you to have been on the pavement rather than on the road – I know I normally complain about that.  If you are going to do the right thing and ride on the road, you need to have lights on your bike during the hours of darkness.

Dear weather,  It would be nice if we could have a repeat of last weekend’s beautiful weather this weekend.  Please?

Dear readers,  Happy Easter.



Friday letters – the Good Friday edition

Dear Easter, Here we are, the long Easter weekend already – how quickly we seem to have arrived at this point.  I wonder how long it is going to be before the ‘Back to School’ items are appearing in the shops allowing families to get themselves organised for the new academic year (which by my calculation is at least five months away)! 

Dear sunshine,  Always nice to see you.

Dear grass,  Look out – the lawn mower blades will be coming this afternoon.

Dear laundry, You have been multiplying again.  Please stop and give me a moment (week?) to catch up.

Dear daffodils,  Some of you are dying back, which is sad, but I have just noticed some new ones coming out (cream and orange rather than yellow, which I don’t remember planting!), which makes me very happy because it keeps the cheerfulness in the garden going for longer.



Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the third March edition

Dear Glasgow, It’s been a while since I drove around your city centre streets, so I am very thankful that you are based on a grid system which is very helpful when you think you know where you are heading, but are suddenly confronted by an unexpected dead end, or no entry sign. 

Dear sunshine,  It was great to have a whole day of you a couple of days ago.  From first light until sunset the sky was blue and cloudless and the countryside looked lovely.

Dear fox,  Don’t think I didn’t spot you, lurking a few gardens along as I turned my car into my mum’s driveway.  You looked very bold, standing there staring at me.  I wonder where you were off to?

Dear Cadbury’s Creme Eggs,  I looked at you the other day, and wondered about buying one. However I decided against it as I am still concerned about the fact that the chocolate has been changed from Dairy Milk  to some ‘chocolate flavoured’ concoction.  I have decided to keep my fond memory of how you used to taste intact and not have it spoiled by this interloper.

Dear Easter,  Next Friday is Good Friday – how did we get here so quickly??


Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition

Dear Mr Kipling,  I was very excited earlier this week to spot that you have produced some special Lemon Fancies to wish us all a Hoppy Easter (following on from the success of your orange Fiendish Fancies for Hallowe’en and your white Frosty Fancies for Christmas).  I was just admiring them when a box jumped into my basket.  Of course, I was too polite to ask it to leave, so I had to bring it home.  I may even have to eat the contents …

Lemon Fancies

Dear Great Tit,  Your call was very loud and persitent yesterday morning, and I was very tempted to go out into the garden and shoo you away, but I remembered how nice it is to hear birdsong now that spring is here, so I left you alone.  Perhaps you could sit on a tree slightly further away from my house next time?

Dear hairdresser,  I am looking forward to a long overdue visit to you tomorrow.

Dear pile of books by my bed,  Ooops – you seem to have grown higher again.  I blame the people who keep recommending books to me, or passing on books which they say I will enjoy.  We have a two week break from school coming up soon, so hopefully I’ll get a bit more reading done and reduce your numbers a bit.

Dear optician,  How can you use the word ‘express’ in your name yet take three weeks (or possibly more because that is only a projected time) to produce a pair of glasses?  When I had my eye test and ordered new glasses I was quoted 7 – 10 days for them to be ready.  I must say I was a bit surprised, and disappointed, at how long they were going to take but accepted the situation.  Yesterday, having heard nothing,  I phoned and was told that you hope they will be ready on Monday, which will be 21 days.  Twenty one days!  When I pointed out that I had been told 7 – 10 days,  the member of staff seemed puzzled that I should have been told such a short period for this type of glasses (there’s nothing special about them as far as I know!).  This will be the last time that I use your company.

Dear innocent drinks,  It was lovely to receive a hand-written note from you yesterday, thanking me (and my mum and daughter) for knitting so many little hats for your Big Knit campaign.

Have a good Friday everyone.


creme of the crop?

I’m sure Cadbury’s Creme Eggs have shrunk.

On Friday I had my first Cadbury’s Creme Egg of the season.  I like Creme Eggs and usually I will have eaten one or two (or maybe three 😉 ) by the time Easter comes around.  They have been in the shops since just after Christmas (actually I think they were on display before Christmas) but I was so outraged at how early they were on sale that I refused to buy one and then I must have blanked them out of my mind – they were there, but I didn’t see them – until Friday morning when I spotted them in the local shop.  There was a basket of them and they were calling my name.  At that point I realised that I hadn’t had one at all this year so I bought one.  It seemed tiny!

I’m sure they used to be much, much bigger than they are now – I’m sure they used to be at least the size of an average chicken/hen’s egg.  I measured it against a small chicken’s egg.  This chicken’s egg in the photo weighs 50g (1.7 oz) and according to size charts it is a small egg  (medium in the US).  It seems we are paying more and more for something that is getting smaller and smaller.

Does anyone else agree that Creme Eggs are shrinking?

egg and cadbury's creme egg

A blurry photo again I’m afraid – I really must start wearing my reading glasses when I am trying to take close up photos using my phone!


thoughts about Easter

We (well, I do certainly) associate Easter with daffodils, spring flowers, new born lambs, little chicks, the move from winter into spring etc – lots of new-ness.  I understood the importance of the egg at Easter was to signify re-birth, a new life, life starting afresh etc etc.  When I was a child it was quite common to decorate hard boiled eggs (sometimes there was a prize for the best one) and then the tradition was to go to the nearest grassy hill and roll them down.  I’m sure this was to signify the rolling of the stone away from the tomb where Jesus was buried.

Anyway, my thought was… this is all very well in the Northern Hemisphere, where Easter falls in Spring and there is an abundance of new life.  What happens in the Southern Hemisphere?  What are the symbols associated with Easter when the seasons are moving from summer into autumn?

Happy Easter everyone!

(Couldn’t resist a little Snoopy/Peanuts)


chocolate – can you afford not to eat it?

LOTS OF CHOCOLATE IN THE HOUSE (but we are being very good and waiting till Sunday)

Time for a chocolate post – especially as it’s the Easter weekend and there’s the prospect of an Easter Egg or two.  🙂

I came across these two quotes on James and Terri’s blog Gallivance.

“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace
 is to finish what I start. So far today, 
I have finished 2 bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake.
I feel better already.”
– Dave Barry

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, 
as far as chocolate is concerned, 
there is no need to involve your brain.”  
–Dave Barry

I couldn’t agree more!  😀

English: Choc Rose Cake

Choc Rose Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just in case you (or someone dear to you 😉 ) need some persuading about the benefits of eating chocolate:

1.  Chocolate is a valuable energy source.  There is enough energy in a chocolate chip for an adult human to walk 150 ft (45 metres).

2.  Chocolate has great health benefits. It helps with depression, high blood pressure and pre-menstrual syndromes. Chocolate is able to act as an anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.

3.  Eating one or two servings of dark chocolate a week can cut the risk of heart failure.

4.  A square of dark chocolate each day can lower blood pressure.

5.  Eating chocolate can add an instant glow to your face – people have been eating it for centuries to keep themselves looking fresh and healthy.

6.  Chocolate can improve cognitive function.

I think there is enough ammunition there to convince anyone that they should make their way immediately to the nearest chocolate-selling establishment and invest in a few bars!

photo credit: topfoodfacts.com

photo credit: topfoodfacts.com

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