I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the middle of March edition

Dear birds,  As usual, it’s been good to see lots of you in the garden.  I think I’ll need to top up the feeders today.

Dear grass,  I think it’s time for your first haircut of the year.

Dear book pile,  I’m trying my best to reduce you – but no matter how many books I read, you just keep on growing.

Dear car manufacturers,  Please can you stop adding more and more bright lights to the fronts of cars. It’s bad enough when drivers think it’s ok to drive around with their fog lights on in perfectly clear conditions, meaning that I am faced with a two-level double-dazzling situation, but this week I saw a car with three sets of lights, one above the other and all turned on.  It’s too much!

Dear treesI’m enjoying the blossom that is starting to appear, and this week I noticed that the buds are starting to open on the horse chestnut trees.  Lovely.







Friday letters – the Spring is on its way edition

Dear blackbird,  It is so nice to hear you singing in the evenings.  It makes me feel that winter is over and Spring is just around the corner.

Dear lighter mornings and evenings,  I much prefer you over the dark mornings and evenings so I am very glad to see you.

Dear weather,  Thank you for such a lovely sunny day yesterday – it really helped with drying the laundry.  It’s always good to be able to dry things outside – another sign that the season is changing.

Dear daffodils/narcissi,  You are looking lovely, as always.  This morning I counted thirty three flower heads in this blue pot.


Friday letters – the mid February edition

Dear chestnuts/conkers,  The theory (which I mentioned here ) about you keeping spiders away seems to have some truth in it – I have not seen a spider in the porch since I put some of you there.  I actually haven’t seen many spiders in the house at all recently, so perhaps the benefits extend further than the room in which you are placed, which would be a bonus.

Dear snowdrops,  I go away for a couple of weeks and in that time you have appeared!  You are looking very nice, although I notice there are some gaps where previously there were none, so I wonder who has been at the bulbs?

Dear Florida,  Thank you for providing such lovely, warm, sunny days for our visit. 

Dear Virgin Atlantic.  I think you need to have a look at some (many) of the seats on at least two of your planes, because they need some attention.  It’s difficult to watch tv when the seat in front of you moves backwards and forwards everytime the person sitting in the seat moves, even a little bit.  You also need to check your air-conditioning – we were freezing!

Dear laundry/ironing,  You are always the downside of any trip.

snowdrops mid February

Snowdrops in the garden


Friday letters – the final January edition

Dear Mr Kipling mini battenburg cakes,  You are so dainty and perfectly formed that you are almost enough to make me want to eat you even though I dislike marzipan.

Dear big toe,  It’s a month now since I stubbed you, very hard, on a step I had forgotten was there when I was negotiating my way through a door in subdued light, and you are still hurting, although not nearly as much as before.  I’m looking forward to you feeling normal again.

Dear Twinings,  Why have you changed the colour of the packaging of your peppermint tea?  What on earth was wrong with the previous colour of the box?  It was green, and green is easily associated with peppermint I feel.  Now it is yellow, and so I keep thinking that I am picking up a packet of lemon and ginger tea (which I don’t like).  It’s not good for my mind to be tricked like this!

Dear snowdrops,  I see you are starting to appear – it won’t be long now until we see your flowers I imagine.

Dear garden birds,  As always I enjoyed your visits this week.  Please visit again tomorrow, because I will be taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and it would be nice if I could have some visitors to count – unlike a few years ago when not one single bird landed in my garden, or even flew across my airspace!


Friday letters

Dear fingernails,  Please stop growing so quickly!

Dear microwave,  Well, you didn’t last very long.  I would have hoped to get a bit more use out of you before you gave up.

Dear black boots,  You sound quite different now that you have been re-heeled.  The business-like click, click, click as I walked (and which you had right from the start, not just because the heels were wearing down) has gone now which is a bit of shame, but at least I don’t announce my arrival quite so far in advance now.

Dear TV schedulers,  You are at it again – changing things round for the sake of it when they were working perfectly well.  You also seem to have a talent for putting decent dramas on at the same time as each other.  I know it’s so easy these days to record things, or to watch them on a catch-up service, but sometimes it is nice to watch something when it is actually being shown.

Dear potato peeler,  I’m still enjoying the novelty of having a peeler that works so efficiently.  A couple of readers have wondered what you look like, so here is your moment of glory.



Friday letters – the chilly-ish edition

Dear weather forecasters,  Well, it hasn’t quite been the white-out blizzard conditions that you forecast for my area, although it is a bit on the cool side and ice has had to be scraped off cars this morning.  I think you will find that there are a lot of very disappointed school children in many parts of the country because you had raised their hopes that the snow was going to be bad enough to close their schools.  I know that you tend to give the ‘worst case scenario’ picture so that there is not a repeat of the occasion in mid October 1987 when we were told, categorically, that there was no storm on its way and there then followed one of the worst storms on record, but you really over-egged it this time.

Dear supermarket vegetable departments,  Why are turnips/swedes individually wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic these days?  They already have their own skin which we can remove before cooking.  None of the other large veg/fruit is individually wrapped – or are you just breaking us in gently?  Are we soon going to get individually shrink wrapped potatoes, leeks, carrots, bananas etc?

Dear skin and nails,  How much moisturising do you need?  I seem to be using endless amounts and you still feel dry.

Dear fellow bloggers,  I’m slowly catching up with you all – you seem to have been very busy writing posts since the beginning of December and there’s so much to read!

Dear Princes Square, Glasgow,  I thought your decorations were lovely – much better in the flesh than a photo can show.




Friday letters – the hello 2017 edition

Dear 2017,  You’ve crept up on us all of a sudden – how did that happen?  However, now that you are here, let’s hope you are a happy and healthy one.

Dear London New Year firework display,  I only saw you on the tv, but you were amazing.

Dear new potato peeler,  You are a marvel, a wonder, a life-changer, a fantastic thing, a superbly crafted item, a …  Ok, I will stop there, but you get the picture.  I had no idea that peeling a potato or vegetable could be quite such an easy process.  I had been struggling along with a couple of peelers which I thought were the best that I could get, but clearly not.  You, the Lakeland Potato Peeler, have revolutionised my vegetable preparations and I’d like to thank you.  I wish I had been given one sooner.

Dear garden birds,  After a very quiet spell it was great to see you out in force again yesterday, even though the food supplies were looking a little low.

Dear camera,  I seem to have lost the knack of using the zoom to good effect.  Either that or you were just having an off day yesterday when I tried to take photos of the birds in the garden.  I hope normal service can be resumed soon.