I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure



Ooops, I’m a bit late joining in with Debbie’s One Word Sunday.

Grand Union Canal, Hertfordshire, October 2016

I thought this photo of the boat going through the bridge, making interesting reflections, was ideal for the challenge, and then I started thinking …  Do we go through a bridge, or should it be under?  If the bridge were wider (not longer), and more of a tunnel, we’d definitely say through wouldn’t we?  At what point do we change from under to through?  How wide would the bridge need to be?  Luckily there are some overhanging branches; the boat will be going through them – or will it be going under them too?  Now my head is hurting…



A canalside walk

We decided to do a familiar walk last weekend, rather than try somewhere new, and headed off towards the canal.  It is the Grand Junction Canal which links Braunston in Northamptonshire with the River Thames in London. The Grand Junction forms the southern part of the Grand Union Canal, which starts in Birmingham.  The weather was calm and chilly and the sun was shining brightly when we set off.

The first thing to do, as always, is walk past the weeping willow tree and see how it is getting on – I still think it is such a shame that a whole section of it broke off earlier in the year.  There were a few dog walkers around and several dogs were enjoying a dip in the river – brrrrrrrr!

autumn weeping willow

Then we headed off for the canal and the bridge by the lock which would take us on to the tow path.

canal bridge

Standing on the bridge we could see a few ducks and another dog (with owner out of shot) this way…

view from the bridge

And in the opposite direction the tow path was very quiet, though usually it is quite busy.

lock view

We decided to turn left once we were over the bridge and head off in the direction that would take us to London if we walked far enough (not that we planned to!).

Everything was really quite peaceful, with only a few people out walking.  The wind was almost non existent so there were lovely reflections on the water.

We left the canal path after a mile or so and made our way through the woods towards the river.

At this point my camera battery died, and I had not been sufficiently organised to take my spare, so that was the end of the photos!  We continued on along the river, then headed for a little tea room where we sat outside and enjoyed a coffee and a slice of delicious cake before returning home.

I’m linking up today with Jo, who always goes on very interesting Monday walks.

Today is the last day of November, and I have completed my challenge to post every day for the whole month.  Hooray, I did it!