I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the Time Square #7 edition

Dear rain,  Whilst I am not as excited about you as some of the people I’ve been speaking to this week, I am pleased that you have given me the opportunity to use some of my large collection of rain related words and phrases – downpour, pouring, lashing, bucketing, stoating, not taking time to come down, coming down in stair rods and raining cats and dogs, to name just a few.  I would, however, like to ask you to stay away today so that my outdoor activities of walking and playing pickleball are not called off.

Dear drivers,  Just because there is rain falling doesn’t mean that you can forget the rules of the road.

Dear neighbours,  Some of your houses are looking magnificent with so many festive lights and decorations on the outside, round the roof, on the balcony and in the garden.  Your electricity bills are going to be very high this month I fear.

Dear local post office,  It’s almost a pleasure to visit you (apart from the cost of postage stamps of course) with your helpful staff and friendly atmosphere.

Dear Becky,  Today I am sharing a photo of a dandelion clock for your ‘time’ challenge.  As a child I was always excited to find one and to see what ‘hour’ it was by counting how many times I had to blow it to get all the seeds off.  Watching the seeds dancing and floating all over the garden was lovely too.  Now, as an adult, when I see one I think of all the potential new weeds that are going to grow in my grass as a result of the seeds!

Have a good Friday.

December Square photo challenge.



Friday letters – the spectacular thunderstorms edition

Dear weather,  You certainly made your presence known last night with more rain in one night than we’ve had in the last few months put together.  The torrential rain, coupled with VERY loud thunder and bright lightning, meant that last night was quite a change from the warm, sultry nights we’ve been having for a while. 

Dear fire engine,  I am puzzled as to why you needed your blue lights flashing in the middle of the night on a deserted residential road?  There was no-one impeding your progress, so it can’t have been that.  Maybe it is just so that the people who have called you out can see that you are coming? I’m presuming you were responding to something that happened as a result of the lightning.  I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering.

Dear people, Why, after what has clearly been a night of unusual rainfall, do you not think that perhaps you should leave a little earlier than normal for the car journey to work?  Why leave at the usual time and then get all stressed and drive like an idiot when a flash flood has either blocked your progress, or slowed it down?  Some of you then cause more of a problem by crashing into other cars and holding everyone up for that reason.  It happens every time we have very heavy rain – why do you not learn?  Luckily I didn’t have to travel anywhere this morning, but apparently it was gridlock for miles around.

Dear collared doves,   I saw you again, this morning, on the fence, being very amorous.  Surely baby-making time is over now? 


Have a good Friday everyone!


Six Words on Sunday


I really should have kept quiet about it yesterday because about an hour into the Carnival/dog show the rain came on.  At first it was a few gentle spots (and the people who came prepared with umbrellas and waterproofs made use of them) but then it got heavier and heavier and people started to head off home.  In the end the dog show was halted for a while until conditions improved.  When it had eased to just being heavy rain rather than torrential rain, proceedings got under way again and the hardy people who braved the downpours enjoyed the rest of the show and displays.  It finally stopped just as the last group of dogs was being judged and stayed dry for a while to allow everything to be packed up.  We had heavy rain overnight and for most of the morning today.  That will teach me to say anything about the weather!



weather delays


Yesterday we had some bright sunshine and it put me in the mood to get into the garden this morning and start tidying it up after the winter.  Of course today dawned wet and miserable so my plans have had to be put on hold.  Hopefully things will change – I have to take advantage of my enthusiasm when it happens!


Hope you have a good Saturday.

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