I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the slightly late New Year edition

Dear readers, Happy New Year!  I hope it has started well for you.

Dear motorways,   Thank you for being clear for our journeys both north and south over the festive period – a bit wet or snowy in some places, but no hold ups.

Dear weather,  I’ve not been particularly impressed with your recent strong winds, which have resulted in us needing to replace about a quarter of our fence panels.  They coped with the prolonged stormy winds we had about two weeks ago then one day last week, there was one strong gust that came from nowhere, and down they came.

Dear red squirrels, You are definitely making a comeback in some areas of Scotland, and we really enjoyed seeing three of you in my sister’s garden, helping yourself from the feeders (squirrel friendly ones) and then rushing off to bury the spoils in the ground.  Her family are eagerly awaiting spring, when they imagine forests of hazel tree seedlings are going to appear.

Dear world,  Just a word of warning… Mr Indecisive and I are coming… More info to follow.

red squirrel





Friday letters

Dear Prime Minister,  Well, that was a surprise announcement – a snap general election in June!

Dear Trebor Soft Mints,  Why are you so easy to eat, and more-ish?

Dear disposable gloves,  What a great idea you are – ideal to wear when preparing chicken, or chopping onions.  I hate the smell that slicing and chopping onions leaves on my fingers, so you are the perfect solution.

Dear Marks and Spencers,  Thank you for providing free WiFi in your cafes – it very useful.  However, can I suggest that you turn your air conditioning down a touch, please – it cools my coffee down too quickly.

Dear red squirrel,  How exciting to see you at the weekend when I was walking in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs area.