I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the mid February edition

Dear Friday,  Already?  That was a quick week!

Dear baby sparrows,  I was quite surprised to see you this week – are you sure you are not a bit too early?

Dear robins,  I hope you find the nesting box we have just put up for you.  I still feel a bit guilty about demolishing your proposed nest site in our old shed last year.

Dear car,  You are looking so much better now that you have been washed.

Dear driver of a red car,  I could hardly believe my eyes when I was behind you as you waited to make a right turn.  Down came your driver’s window and out came a coffee takeaway cup which you threw onto the road, closely followed by another one.  Why do you think this is acceptable behaviour?

Dear snowdrops,  Not long now until you are open fully…

snowdrops mid February

Happy Friday everyone!



Friday letters – the end of May edition

How can we have come to the end of May so quickly?  Where did it go?

Dear pile of books by my bed,  I am feeling quite proud of the fact that you have not got any bigger – I seem to be balancing the number of books I am reading with the number of books I am buying.  I know it’s not ideal yet, and some of you have been waiting a very long time for me to get round to reading you, but I think I am winning the battle.

Dear ironing,  How do you do it?  Are you breeding in the basket?   Each time I put the washing machine on there seems to be only a few things that will need to be ironed,  but the pile seems to grow at an alarming rate!  I’m sure there must be some mathematical law which describes what is happening.

Dear patio furniture,  It’s nice to see you again, released from your winter captivity in the shed and ready for use in the long, warm, sunny summer I hope we are going to have.

Dear supermarket, I’ll be visiting you later today – please have some inspiration for me for an easy, tasty meal tonight!

Dear robins and baby robin,  Where are you?  Since I mentioned you in my last Friday letters, I haven’t seen you at all.  I hope nothing bad has happened.  Speaking of something bad happening…

Dear sparrowhawk, Yes, you are magnificent and yes, I know it’s nature, but I feel you were really rather bold to stand in the garden eating your prey in such an obvious way.  I would have preferred it if you could just have taken the poor little bird (I’m hoping it wasn’t a robin) somewhere else to eat it.



Have a good Friday one and all.