I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Reflective figures standing in the forest

The Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle, December 2018. Artist: Rob Mulholland

There are six mirrored figures here – very handily wearing festive hats so that we could spot them more easily!

I’m joining in with Debbie’s Six Word Saturday today.



December square #29

Time to visit the hair stylist I think.

For Becky’s December square photo challenge we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.


Friday letters – the Time Square #28 edition

Dear British Airways, Thank you for delivering us safely from San Diego to London in readiness for the festive season.  I’d like to make a food related criticism though (again) which is – if you offer your customers Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli as one of their meal options that is what you should give them if they choose it, rather than the Tomato, Olive and Mushroom Pasta Bake that was put on my tray.  In fairness I suppose it was quite tasty, but my tastebuds were anticipating something entirely different.   My travelling companion, Mr Indecisive, chose the chicken curry option and it was unpleasant and inedible.  You really need to think about your meal accompaniments too because your vegetable salad was very unexciting, a triangle of processed cheese with two very plain crackers does not constitute a decent after dinner course and your fruit salad, which came with the rather nasty breakfast burrito, was so tiny that I could count the number of the miniscule pieces of fruit in my dish on the fingers of one hand (not including the thumb).  I suggest that perhaps you should do some research amongst your competitors to see the sorts of things that they are providing to their customers – I think you might be surprised at how interesting and tasty some of their meals are.

Dear Scotland, How nice it is to be back and to enjoy your beautiful views, lochs and hills.

Dear weather, I’d like to thank you for making Christmas Eve such a lovely, bright, cold, frosty day.  The least said about the dreich and damp Christmas Day the better.

Dear motorways of Great Britain,  I would like to request that you stay clear and trouble free for the next stage of our holiday.  I’d really appreciate it if the road work cones continued their off-road experiences for a bit longer and that none of them are deployed to cause delays and confusion amongst the motorists.

Dear pair of cyclists near Loch Achray,  I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday when I saw you both, dressed in bright red tops.  No total dark blue or black clothes for you.  No, you were obviously determined to be seen and to give the motorists sharing the same winding, lochside road as you, a sporting chance of seeing you before it was too late.  Please spread the word amongst your fellow cyclists.

Dear Becky,  Now that we are coming into the final few days of the December challenge, and we’ve all made it through the hectic build up to, and celebration of, Christmas, I thought maybe we might need some time to relax by this peaceful pond.

For Becky’s December square photo challenge we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.


Bench Series: April – a bench with a view #2

With stunning views over the Firth of Clyde, there are plenty of benches along the seafront in Largs and on a warmer and less windy day they would probably be full up!

benches on the seafront at Largs

benches on the seafront at Largs

This post is linking up with Heyjude’s Bench Series – for April the subject is benches with a view.


a short walk along the promenade in Largs

On my recent visit to my mum, we took advantage of a bright and sunny day and decided to drive to the coast to visit Largs, a small town on the Firth of Clyde on Scotland’s west coast.  My mum used to visit often when she was a child, for family holidays, and as a young woman for day trips with family or friends.  We were also taken there for family day trips, or to catch the ferry over to Millport. Although the sun was shining, there was a very brisk and chilly wind, so we didn’t walk far in the end.

We started our visit with a traditional Scottish picnic – one that you eat in your car because the weather isn’t good enough to eat outside.  We’d parked right at the front of the car park with a great view of the water, the pier on our left with the ferry coming and going and, of course, people passing by.  We had the perfect people-watching situation.

sea view at Largs

ferry to Millport

After our sandwiches and watching the world go by,  we walked across the road from the car park to the well known Largs institution – Nardini’s cafe and ice cream parlour.  We decided that coffee and a pastry were what we needed to finish off our lunch.

Nardini's Largs

I’ve had more than one ‘High Tea’ (fish and chips, bread and butter on the side, cake to finish) or ice cream from Nardini’s over the years, and the ice cream is some of the best I have tasted.  A visit to Largs without a visit to Nardini’s seems unimaginable.

Bracing ourselves against the chilly wind, we crossed back over the road towards the promenade, where we passed Magnus the Viking.  Magnus was gifted to the people of Largs in 2013 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the historic Battle of Largs.  The Vikings were defeated at the Battle of Largs in 1263 in what was their final raid on Scottish soil. Under the Treaty of Perth, Magnus King of Norway surrendered the Western Isles and the Isle of Man to the Scottish crown in 1266.

Magnus the Viking

Magnus the Viking

We meandered along the prom, walking away from the town, for about half a mile –

sea front at Largs

before turning round and heading back towards the warmth of the car.


It was a short walk, but there was lots to see and plenty of memories for my mum to tell me about.

This walk links up with Jo’s Monday Walk.





Friday letters – the mid April edition

Dear Scotland,  I had a good visit, and it was great to see my mum, sister and nephews.  My mum certainly enjoyed the company, and was able to get and about much more because I was there to take her.  I could complain about the weather, as we shivered in temperatures of 10 degrees C and watched the rain fall on several days, while the people at home enjoyed sunny skies and 25 degrees, but I won’t.

Dear motorways,  Once again I would like to thank you for being trouble free most of the way home.  It all went well until the last leg when the M1 was shut, but a quick exit several junctions before the problem, and a ‘scenic view’ route for the rest of the journey, meant that we really didn’t lose much time at all.

Dear driver of the black car in front of me at the payment barrier on the M6 Toll road yesterday,  You really need to understand that most people choose to use the Toll road because it speeds up their journey, and they do not want to be held up by you. First of all we had you moving from left to right and back again as you approached the barriers deciding which line you were going to join, then when you got to the front of the line at the payment machine you decided this would be the right time to reach over into the back of the car for your handbag and look in it for your credit card. If you knew you were going to use the Toll road, would it not have been a good idea to have the things you needed close to hand? That was all irritating enough but then, while you were paying, you were talking on your phone which of course distracted you a bit from putting your seatbelt back on when you were finished (which you had had to remove because you hadn’t pulled over close enough to the payment machine and couldn’t quite reach the slot to put your card in!) and then, of course,  your card had to go back into your bag. Aaarrghh…

Dear fields of oilseed rape,  You are going to look marvellous in a week or so, as your flowers come out more and turn the countryside yellow.

Happy Friday!