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Friday letters – mid February edition

Dear roadworks, What is taking you so long???  Perhaps if you had more people on the job, and they worked longer hours at a faster pace, things might get finished more quickly and we would be able to negotiate the local roads without so much inconvenience.

Dear daffodils and crocuses,  It’s nice to see that you have started shooting out of the ground and plant pots – another sign that Spring is on the way.

Dear Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs,  Please would your departments start communicating with each other so that I can stop receiving letters regarding matters that have already been dealt with.

Dear birds,  I am enjoying listening to the increased singing and tweeting that February seems to have brought.  In particular, the one that sings in the tree just by the school gate is very tuneful.

Dear London, You look marvellous at night time.

Houses of Parliament at night

Happy Friday!




signs of Spring


There are just a few at the moment, but they are very welcome.


There aren’t this many yet, but it won’t be long!

Happy Saturday!

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six word saturday – more of the same


Spring continues to move along apace here (sorry to those of you who are still snowed under) but the big difference is that it has rained a lot less.  Paths which were previously very muddy have begun to dry out, and the grass in the garden is a bit less squelchy.

My mini daffodils in the blue pot are still looking good.

daffodil heads

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spring is definitely in the air

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday – the sun was shining, and I decided to make the most of it.

The leaf buds are beginning to appear on this weeping willow, which will look fabulous when it has all of its foliage and the branches are nearly touching the water.  The river is very high at the moment – the result of the weeks and weeks of rain we’ve had.

weeping willow

When I first saw these blue flowers from the distance, on the woodland floor, I thought they were bluebells, which had come out very early, but on closer inspection they are lungwort (which I had to look up, because I don’t think I’ve seen them before).  The photo looks as though I’ve had the camera at a strange angle, but it was a sloping piece of ground.

carpet of blue flowers



six word saturday – spring has sprung


blue pot of daffodils

March means that winter is over (according to the meteorologists) and spring has begun.  I was worried that they might be blooming too early, but now that spring has sprung, it seems appropriate that my pot of mini daffodils is in full flower.  I counted 30 blooms on it this morning – I think that might be a record.

Looks like we had some rain last night.

raindrops on daffodils

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spring equinox

Today is the Spring equinox, meaning that spring has officially started, winter is behind us (theoretically, because no-one has mentioned this equinox thing to the weather gods) and we are on our way to longer days and summer.

I went on a tour of my garden this morning (makes it sound very large and grand, which it isn’t!) to look for signs that nature agreed and was pleasantly surprised actually.  Little shoots are starting to appear on my roses and shrubs and all the daffodils are up out of the ground now and looking as though they might open up in the next few days.  The birds are generally much more active, and there’s one pair of wood pigeons (well, I think it’s the same pair each time hard to tell really when they all look the same) who are very interested in each other in a not very subtle way… on the fence, on the shed roof, on the tree branches….

Our road is lined with trees and I’ve noticed that the blossom on the cherry trees is starting to appear.  It will look lovely soon – and a day or two after all the blossom is out we will have high winds which will blow it all off and we will have pale pink snow.  Happens every year!

Have a happy Equinox day, whatever you may be doing.

March Equinoxphoto credit: timeanddate.com

March Equinox
photo credit: timeanddate.com



six word saturday – dawn chorus


It was particularly loud this morning, and particularly early!   It’s another welcome sign of spring, though, that the mornings are getting lighter, and the birds noisier, and earlier.

English: Song thrush near Faringdon Folly This...

Song thrush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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