I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Six Word Saturday


On Monday we are expecting our first visitors here in California.  It’s going to be a full house and a full schedule of sight seeing and general touristy-ness (I think I might just have invented a new word there!) for two weeks.

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Not all blue skies and sunshine

Sometimes it’s grey and blustery here.

Early morning, ready for a walk.

Carlsbad Beach

Several sets of six words today.

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A brilliant flash of bright red

I’m still striving for an excellent photo of a hummingbird.  I stationed myself on a chair in the garden yesterday, near the feeder, with my camera close by and a cool drink in my hand and waited. It wasn’t long before this little chap turned up and obliged by staying long enough for me to pick up the camera and focus .  My challenge now is to get the bird in sharp focus and both wings, but perhaps I am asking too much!

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That was then, this is now

I took this photo of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia when I visited on a school trip in July 1971.

The next time I was in Barcelona was in June last year, and I tried to take the same photo again to see how things have progressed.  I couldn’t get the angle exactly the same, but this photo is the closest.

I think in the intervening years they have altered the possible viewing areas, as I seem to remember being up above ground level for my original photo, and there is nowhere like that now.  I spent quite a while with my old photo in my hand walking up and down trying to get the exact spot.

It is the most amazing building and there is so much detail to look at as you walk round.

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It’s the end of the challenge (March Squares #31)

To round things off I have four clocks, presented in a square formation of course.


The photos aren’t all the clearest because a fair bit of cropping has had to take place for some of them.

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A timely place to meet friends (March Squares #24)

“Meet me under the clock”,  is a phrase that has often been heard in Glasgow over the years. The clock in question is in Glasgow’s Central Station, the busiest rail station in Scotland, and has been the meeting place for friends, families, long lost relatives and courting couples since the station was built in the late 1800s.

Glasgow Central Station, March 2018

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