I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


December squares #4

Snowdrops – the sign that winter is on its way out and springtime is on its way in.

Posting this for Becky’s December square photo challenge.  This month we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.



Friday letters – the mid February edition

Dear chestnuts/conkers,  The theory (which I mentioned here ) about you keeping spiders away seems to have some truth in it – I have not seen a spider in the porch since I put some of you there.  I actually haven’t seen many spiders in the house at all recently, so perhaps the benefits extend further than the room in which you are placed, which would be a bonus.

Dear snowdrops,  I go away for a couple of weeks and in that time you have appeared!  You are looking very nice, although I notice there are some gaps where previously there were none, so I wonder who has been at the bulbs?

Dear Florida,  Thank you for providing such lovely, warm, sunny days for our visit. 

Dear Virgin Atlantic.  I think you need to have a look at some (many) of the seats on at least two of your planes, because they need some attention.  It’s difficult to watch tv when the seat in front of you moves backwards and forwards everytime the person sitting in the seat moves, even a little bit.  You also need to check your air-conditioning – we were freezing!

Dear laundry/ironing,  You are always the downside of any trip.

snowdrops mid February

Snowdrops in the garden


Friday letters – the mid February edition

Dear Friday,  Already?  That was a quick week!

Dear baby sparrows,  I was quite surprised to see you this week – are you sure you are not a bit too early?

Dear robins,  I hope you find the nesting box we have just put up for you.  I still feel a bit guilty about demolishing your proposed nest site in our old shed last year.

Dear car,  You are looking so much better now that you have been washed.

Dear driver of a red car,  I could hardly believe my eyes when I was behind you as you waited to make a right turn.  Down came your driver’s window and out came a coffee takeaway cup which you threw onto the road, closely followed by another one.  Why do you think this is acceptable behaviour?

Dear snowdrops,  Not long now until you are open fully…

snowdrops mid February

Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the New Year edition

Dear New Year, It’s nice to see you again, but it hardly seems any time since you were last here! 

Dear town planners, Whatever made you think it was a good idea to put the main car parks for the shopping mall (and the mall itself) in the middle of a ring road which is used by a lot of the traffic which is passing through the town in addition to shoppers?  It was grid-locked madness in the run up to Christmas.

Dear weather, I think there has been enough rain now, thank you.  The people who have been flooded really need some time to cope with what happened without some more of the wet stuff coming their way.  I’m thankful that we have been spared the worst of it – it must be awful for those who have not.

Dear fellow bloggers, I am beginning to find some time to catch up with you all, but it is still very much a work in progress.

Dear snowdrops,  It probably won’t be long before we see you this year because things are very advanced in the early spring flowers department and you are already a couple of inches out of the ground.  I’m looking forward to a display as wonderful as the one you produced last year.

snowdrops 2

Happy Friday everyone!


Black and White Five Day Challenge – Day 3

Day Three takes us back to early spring when the snowdrops appeared in the garden.  I was very pleased with them this year, and they lasted for ages.  snowdropsJo at RestlessJo nominated to take part in this challenge and there are only two rules to stick to :

1. On five consecutive days create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W

2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

I’m afraid I am going to break rule two, as I have done a similar thing so recently, but please feel free to join in if you fancy it.


signs of Spring


There are just a few at the moment, but they are very welcome.


There aren’t this many yet, but it won’t be long!

Happy Saturday!

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