I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the middle of March edition

Dear birds,  As usual, it’s been good to see lots of you in the garden.  I think I’ll need to top up the feeders today.

Dear grass,  I think it’s time for your first haircut of the year.

Dear book pile,  I’m trying my best to reduce you – but no matter how many books I read, you just keep on growing.

Dear car manufacturers,  Please can you stop adding more and more bright lights to the fronts of cars. It’s bad enough when drivers think it’s ok to drive around with their fog lights on in perfectly clear conditions, meaning that I am faced with a two-level double-dazzling situation, but this week I saw a car with three sets of lights, one above the other and all turned on.  It’s too much!

Dear treesI’m enjoying the blossom that is starting to appear, and this week I noticed that the buds are starting to open on the horse chestnut trees.  Lovely.








Friday letters – the Spring is on its way edition

Dear blackbird,  It is so nice to hear you singing in the evenings.  It makes me feel that winter is over and Spring is just around the corner.

Dear lighter mornings and evenings,  I much prefer you over the dark mornings and evenings so I am very glad to see you.

Dear weather,  Thank you for such a lovely sunny day yesterday – it really helped with drying the laundry.  It’s always good to be able to dry things outside – another sign that the season is changing.

Dear daffodils/narcissi,  You are looking lovely, as always.  This morning I counted thirty three flower heads in this blue pot.


Friday letters – the bluebell edition

Dear motorways, Thank you for your cooperation on my drive south on Tuesday – no incidents and no hold ups through the roadworks.

Dear soup,  Where would we be without you?  You are such a multi-tasking food – warming, filling, tasty, quick to make etc etc.

Dear birds, I’m sorry that you ran out of food yesterday.  It was very remiss of me to let the feeders run down so low. As soon as I have finished these letters I will be out there replenishing them.

Dear bluebells, At last!  It was excellent to go for a walk in the woods this week and find you well and truly on your way to making a magnificent spectacle.


Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the April showers edition

Dear Spring, Things are moving along nicely now and I’m really enjoying all the magnolia trees that are blossoming around here.  I hope we don’t have a late frost which will ruin them.

Dear self,  Get out there in the garden and cut back those shrubs that need to be cut back in the Spring.

Dear people,  Why park under a sign that clearly tells you that only permit holders may park there at that time and then be surprised when the postman confirms that yes, it IS a controlled parking zone between 10.30am and 2.30pm?  Also, why decide to park there anyway and get cross when you get a parking ticket?  Why do some of you look annoyed when I helpfully tell you that between certain times it is permit holders only and that traffic wardens patrol the area with zeal during the restricted times?  I am only trying to save you from a £70 fine.

Dear roads,  It’s almost a pleasure to be driving round when you are so quiet due to it being the Easter break and you are not cluttered up with parents driving their little darlings to and from school (often a school which is well within walking distance!).

Dear April showers,  Would it be possible for you to restrict yourselves to the evenings or, better still, overnight?  You are really playing havoc with my plans to dry laundry outdoors.  On the plus side, I am getting a bit of exercise running in and out of the house bringing the washing in and putting it out again.


Happy Friday everyone!


weekly photo challenge: Spring!

“For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you.”

I make no apology for sharing a photo which I have already posted this year, because this is what spring means to me – my mini daffodils in bloom.

raindrops on daffodils

For more Spring photos look here.


six word saturday – tweeting


The birds are starting their chirping and tweeting earlier and earlier these days and seem to have been particularly loud this week, although I suppose that is a feature of A) the mornings getting lighter and lighter and B) the fact that we have two lots of sparrows nesting in the eaves above the bedroom window and I am pretty sure I have seen some fledglings already.  I have noticed that the birds start before it gets light, tweet for an hour or so and then go silent again for a while.  Perhaps they are exhausted from the early start and need to go back to bed for a rest.

photo credit: bto.org

photo credit: bto.org


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blue sky and weeping willows

A few days ago the sun was shining, the sky was blue and cloudless and a walk in the woods was called for.  Spring is continuing to arrive quickly, but the biggest difference I noticed was in this weeping willow tree, and the smaller ones just behind it and to the right.

weeping willow tree

I also noticed that the bluebell plants are starting to grow and there’s going to be a magnificent show in a month or so when they bloom.