I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


December square #31

To finish the December Square challenge here’s a photo of the sun going down at the end of a chilly December day. It’s the end of the month, the end of the square photo challenge and the end of the year, so it seems quite appropriate.

This year has just flown by, hasn’t it? I’ve packed a lot into it, thought, so I shouldn’t complain. Thank you Becky for hosting another fun photo challenge.  I’m still hoping to visit everyone who has taken part, but time is a bit short at the moment, so I’m not sure when I’ll do it – maybe by the end of next month I’ll have succeeded!

Happy New Year everyone!



December square #10

Sunset – often a stunning time of day.

Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach, California

For Becky’s December square photo challenge we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.


Friday letters – the Black Friday edition

Dear Black Friday, I am staying indoors all day today.  Apparently it is going to be a jungle out there!  I hope it goes well for you, but I will certainly not be out in the madness of the shops trying to grab a bargain.

Dear Thanksgiving,  In preparation for the big event yesterday, the last week here saw a definite increase in the amount of traffic on the roads, the numbers of people in the supermarket (meaning slightly longer than normal queues at the checkouts and the number of cars parked in the car parks (though spaces were still available).  None of it was an inconvenience to me so I was very surprised to hear some ladies discussing the fact that everywhere was so busy and going shopping was a nightmare.  I would like to say that they have no idea of the meaning of busy – they should try the local shopping centre and supermarkets in my home town in the UK in the run up to Christmas!  The queues in the shops and supermarkets are very long, as are the queues to get a parking space (several laps of the car park required while waiting for a space to become available is the norm) and that’s if you have managed to negotiate the grid locked traffic on the road system around the shopping centre.  Now, that’s what I call a nightmare!

Dear Thanksgiving dinner,  You were delicious.  We were invited to join some friends at their home for dinner, my first Thanksgiving meal, and I was eager to taste all the traditional foods.  We had turkey, ham, green bean casserole, yams, cheesy mashed potato, corn, mac ‘n cheese, cranberry sauce, gravy and corn muffins.  To follow there was pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate fudge brownie and a banana dessert of some kind, and cream of course.  It was a struggle, but I womanfully soldiered on and tried everything.  I’m looking forward to next year already!

Dear weather,  I know we needed the rain, but did you have to choose the morning of Thanksgiving Day for it?  Those poor people who were up with the lark to run in one of the many 10k or 5k Turkey Trots that were on in the area would probably rather have done it in dry weather.

Dear sunset, I’d like to commend your effort on Wednesday night. 

Have a good Friday.


weekly photo challenge: orange you glad it’s photo challenge time

This week we are invited to share photos with punchy pops of orange.

Can you guess which airline I was flying with in this first photo?

orange plane engine

A display of flowers in the ‘thunderbox’ room of the Gardeners’ building at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

thunderbox flowers

A work of art in the gardens of The Grove, Hertfordshire.  It was a block of resin, encasing everyday objects, some of which were broken, or cut in half.  I couldn’t see a title for it, so I am not quite sure what it was all about!  Look closely and you will see cassette tapes (remember them?), a shuttlecock, pens, reels of cotton thread and coloured wires.

The Grove sculpture

A date palm in the Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project, Cornwall.

dates on palm at Eden Project

This final one is the sun going down over the caldera in Santorini.

sunset over the caldera Santorini

Weekly Photo Challenge.