I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


December square #31

To finish the December Square challenge here’s a photo of the sun going down at the end of a chilly December day. It’s the end of the month, the end of the square photo challenge and the end of the year, so it seems quite appropriate.

This year has just flown by, hasn’t it? I’ve packed a lot into it, thought, so I shouldn’t complain. Thank you Becky for hosting another fun photo challenge.  I’m still hoping to visit everyone who has taken part, but time is a bit short at the moment, so I’m not sure when I’ll do it – maybe by the end of next month I’ll have succeeded!

Happy New Year everyone!



December square #30

Early morning mist.

Grand Union Canal, Hertfordshire

For Becky’s December square photo challenge we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.


Friday letters – the Time Square #28 edition

Dear British Airways, Thank you for delivering us safely from San Diego to London in readiness for the festive season.  I’d like to make a food related criticism though (again) which is – if you offer your customers Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli as one of their meal options that is what you should give them if they choose it, rather than the Tomato, Olive and Mushroom Pasta Bake that was put on my tray.  In fairness I suppose it was quite tasty, but my tastebuds were anticipating something entirely different.   My travelling companion, Mr Indecisive, chose the chicken curry option and it was unpleasant and inedible.  You really need to think about your meal accompaniments too because your vegetable salad was very unexciting, a triangle of processed cheese with two very plain crackers does not constitute a decent after dinner course and your fruit salad, which came with the rather nasty breakfast burrito, was so tiny that I could count the number of the miniscule pieces of fruit in my dish on the fingers of one hand (not including the thumb).  I suggest that perhaps you should do some research amongst your competitors to see the sorts of things that they are providing to their customers – I think you might be surprised at how interesting and tasty some of their meals are.

Dear Scotland, How nice it is to be back and to enjoy your beautiful views, lochs and hills.

Dear weather, I’d like to thank you for making Christmas Eve such a lovely, bright, cold, frosty day.  The least said about the dreich and damp Christmas Day the better.

Dear motorways of Great Britain,  I would like to request that you stay clear and trouble free for the next stage of our holiday.  I’d really appreciate it if the road work cones continued their off-road experiences for a bit longer and that none of them are deployed to cause delays and confusion amongst the motorists.

Dear pair of cyclists near Loch Achray,  I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday when I saw you both, dressed in bright red tops.  No total dark blue or black clothes for you.  No, you were obviously determined to be seen and to give the motorists sharing the same winding, lochside road as you, a sporting chance of seeing you before it was too late.  Please spread the word amongst your fellow cyclists.

Dear Becky,  Now that we are coming into the final few days of the December challenge, and we’ve all made it through the hectic build up to, and celebration of, Christmas, I thought maybe we might need some time to relax by this peaceful pond.

For Becky’s December square photo challenge we are invited to share a photo of our interpretation of ‘time’.