I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the latest edition

Dear people in the south of England ,  I would like to apologise for the steady rain that we had in the first part of the week.  I’m afraid it’s all my fault because I decided, on Monday, to re-waterproof my waterproof jacket.  It’s always good to check that a process has been successful, but I wasn’t expecting it to rain that much.  Sorry.

Dear man in short floral shorts,  It was 9.30pm on a very wet, almost autumnal, night and there you were in your summer shorts.  Very brave I thought. 

Dear people dressed for summer on Wednesday,  Do you have some kind of special zone around you which repels cold, wet rain?  While the rest of the people in and around London were wrapped up in their wet weather, warm clothes, there you were in your shirt sleeves and skimpy tops with no apparent signs of being wet.  Even your shoes (light, summery ones) looked perfectly dry.  Whatever your secret is, I would like to know it.

Dear wine tasting evening,  You were very interesting and I learned a lot about  grapes and how to taste wine properly.  I’m afraid I failed completely to discern the notes of black fruits, apples, guava, buttered popcorn, burnt toast, autumn, leather and cedar wood in the selection of wines we tasted but at least I could tell the difference between the whites and reds.

Dear traffic cones,  Where have you gone?  Since I last wrote Friday letters I have made another trip to Scotland and back and hardly saw you.  There were a few, but not the vast quantities that usually line the roads (particularly when it is the school holidays) so where are you all? Perhaps you have put in for a transfer and have been moved to other parts of the country, bored with the M1, M6, M74 and M73.  I hope wherever you are that you are behaving yourselves. 

Dear fellow bloggers,  I keep saying I’ll soon have time to catch up with you all, but I’m afraid that hasn’t happened. As for writing posts, I’m not sure when I am going to get round to doing a proper post (not that this isn’t a proper post!) about my travels because I have another busy time coming up now starting with a weekend visit to the Norfolk coast to stay with friends and then next week we are having family stay with us for holiday fun and birthday celebrations.

Dear mandarin ducklings,  Huddling together on the canal towpath, with people walking or cycling past, seemed like a strange thing to do, but you seemed quite unaffected.  You didn’t even seem to mind when I stood very close beside you to take a picture.  Safety in numbers I suppose.



Friday letters

Dear weather gods,  You’ve been working very  hard for the last ten days.  You must be exhausted from providing us with all this variety – hail storms, snow showers, bright sunshine, rain showers, light frost, light breezes and fierce winds to name just a few.  Perhaps you would like to have a rest now and let us enjoy some gentle, settled, preferable sunny weather this weekend.

Dear fellow bloggers,  Having been without unlimited internet access for a week I have fallen very far behind with my reading.  I’m not ignoring you – I just haven’t had the opportunity to do lots of online reading.  I’m back to full  internet capabilities now so I’m looking forward to catching up.

Dear self,  Stop sitting with your elbow on the table and your chin resting in your hand while you are reading on the laptop – you know you will end up with a painful neck.

Dear neighbour,  Your clematis (clematis montana I think) is looking lovely and I am enjoying the benefits of it cascading over our fence.  There is something else there too which might be honeysuckle, but it isn’t flowering yet so I have that to look forward to.


Friday letters – the final August edition

Dear Cornwall,   I had a lovely break, visiting you last week, but I would like to make a suggestion for future visits, which is that the weather needs to be better.  You look stunning in the sunshine, but low cloud and rain does not suit you at all.  Apart from our first day, it rained the whole time and sometimes the cloud was so low that we could only just see the tops of the trees.  Luckily I had packed full waterproofs, so I was able to go out without getting drenched to the skin.  I hope you do better next time.

Dear weather,  This is AUGUST!!  Please sort yourself out.   We have had more than enough rain – the gardens don’t need it any more and I am sure the farmers have had enough too.  There is no danger of us having a drought now, as all the reservoirs are full, so please can you turn the water off and let us have a little warm sunshine.

Dear sign writers,  I think I may have seen (but wasn’t able to photograph, sadly) the very worst case of apostrophe misuse that I have ever seen.   Outside a bakery, in Cornwall last week, there was a sign advertising the sorts of things they sold – breads, sandwiches, pasties, scones, pastries and… gateaux’s.  I think there should be some sort of course you need to go on to learn when apostrophes should, and should not, be used – words which are already plural do NOT need an s on the end, never mind an apostrophe s.

Dear children’s shoe manufacturers,  Why do you make shoes  that light up round the edges when children walk?  It seems a strange concept – the child can’t see it, so who is it for?

Dear birthday,  Another one has come and gone – I can’t keep up!  Perhaps you could arrange to arrive just once every two years?

Dear traffic cones,  I’m wondering if my theory is correct and you take holidays in different parts of the country rather than wait, unused, in some storage facility until you are required for valuable roadwork situations.  So often you are seen during the summer, and on holiday weekends, blocking off long sections of the motorways when there is no evidence of any work being done.  Do you get any say in where you spend your summers?  Currently I believe there are huge numbers of you enjoying some time off in the northern areas of the M6.


Cones enjoying their summer break.

Happy Friday!


I’ll try not to talk about the weather …


The past week has been dominated by thoughts, and talk, about the weather. Each day I resolved not to mention the weather, but I failed. It seems to be a British obsession – we are always saying how hot/cold/wet/windy/foggy it is. This week was a prime example of it, as every day people were saying “Phew, it’s hot”, or “This heat is unbearable”.  We even had a record high temperature recorded, which I think was the headline item on the evening news. As soon as the heatwave passes, though, we’ll be complaining about the rain or the cool temperatures!


To read more sets of six words which may, or may not, be talking about the weather, head over to Cate at Show My Face.



Friday letters – the second October edition

Dear work,  It’s good to be back with colleagues I have worked with for years, but also nice that there are some new faces too.

Dear cakes, Why are you so tempting?

Dear parcel delivery companies,  Why do some of you deliver parcels two days earlier than your email says, but others have us waiting in the house all day and nothing comes?

Dear weather (I’m afraid I seem to be writing to you a lot),  Please can you make sure that heavy rain does not fall during the school day.  Our children don’t seem to be able to cope with the excitement!  Oh, and wet and windy weather at the same time as a full moon is a recipe for an over excited class of children (who have not been able to get outside at break times), and not much meaningful work being completed.

Dear pavement cleaner,  What happens to all the green plastic bags that you carefully fill with the leaves you have just swept up, and then leave in groups beside trees along our road?  I see the little piles of them every 100 yards or so, but I never see anyone take them away.

street sweeping cart

I hope you have a good Friday – it’s nearly the weekend!


Friday letters – the Indian Summer edition

Dear Weather Gods,  Thank you for the late burst of summer which we have been enjoying for the last week or so.

Dear blackberry bushes,  Why are so many of you growing underneath chestnut trees?  It makes picking the blackberries a bit tricky when there are chestnuts falling from the trees!  I think I might need to wear a hard hat next time I am picking berries.

Dear Alexander McCall Smith,  Is there another Scotland Street novel on the way?  I have just finished your latest one, and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Dear birds,  It was great to hear you singing, chirping and twittering in the park this morning.

Dear circular knitting needles,  I am eagerly awaiting your arrival in the mail so that I can get started on a tricky hat/scarf/gloves kit I was given for my birthday.  It’s a long time since I have used circular needles, or followed a Fair Isle pattern, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

IMG_0832 (640x478)

Have a good Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the unseasonably warm and sunny edition

Dear weather,  I’m not complaining, you will be pleased to hear.  The weather yesterday, today and apparently for the weekend ahead, is beautiful and I have actually gone out without a coat or cardigan/sweater.  I’d just like to say thank you very much, and long may it continue.

Dear roadworks, I take back some of the things I said about you last week.  So far, the disruption has been minimal and my anticipated scenario of chaos and angry drivers has not come to fruition.

Dear tiramisu, Thank you very much for being successful.  Making one for the first time, for an Italian themed surprise birthday party, was a little nervewracking, however it seems that adding copious amounts of alcohol to the dish is the way to go!

Dear Swan Lake, I’m coming to see you again tonight – I can’t wait!

Dear garden, Your late spring/early summer flowers are starting to come out and are looking good – particularly these irises.

blue iris close up

Have a good Friday.